Watkinsville, Georgia

c.1809 – 1840

The Robinson-Puckett cabin is a 3 bay central hall (dogtrot) type. The outside walls are squared hewn logs, with corner joists being the v-notch form of construction. The outside of the cabin seems to have always had the vertical board siding to secure the dwelling instead of chinking and was whitewashed. The dogtrot is constructed of horizontal logs covered with vertical hand-planed boards. The horizontal battens in the rooms were added after the War Between the States.

The front porch was added early on, but not during the original construction. The back rooms were built at the same time as the original central house. The cabin’s roof was originally clad in wood shingles. After 1850, the left side of the front porch was enclosed as a Circuit Rider’s Room, which was not reconstructed. This room had no door to the inside of the house, only a window. Travelers needing a place to shelter for the night could enter from the front porch without waking the owners.  The cabin has a loft that is divided into two distinct areas by several horizontally stacked logs.  The front door originally had double leaves that opened in the center. Other buildings on the property included barns, stables with a blacksmith shop, and a corn crib according to the Puckett family.

Moved from Fambrough Bridge Road near the Oconee River & Greene County line. Relocated August, 2002.

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Robinson-Puckett House

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