Oconee Historical Society Logo

Our Vision

We will be the definitive source for all things historic in Oconee County

Our Mission

As a non-profit organization, we are dedicated to maintaining, enhancing and interpreting historic letters, documents, images, and artifacts plus preservation of historic buildings and other archaeological sites in Oconee County, Georgia, for the education and enjoyment of all.

Our Goals

•        Raise money for the restoration of the Central School House

•        Gather and record oral histories from Oconee County Citizens

•        Research and record historically significant structures in Oconee County

•        Present educational programs about restoration and preservation

•        Organize a historically accurate re-enactment in one of the restored classrooms at the Central School House

•        Educate, celebrate and participate in the Annual Oconee County Fall Festival

•        Collect and protect artifacts including photographs, documents and buildings

•        Repository of historical records

•        Oral histories